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Anacortes Style :: FACEDOWN!

Who doesn’t love to laugh??  I’ve gotta say… these facedowns NEVER get old!! AND best of all – its cool to laugh at your own jokes (ie facedowns!)  This one sent in by our north end friends Katrina & Serena – thanks girls for facedowning on the tracks and sharing it!!

Snow Style :: Facedown!

I love the ones that get sent in from afar…. and the ones with unknowing people in the area crack me up even more!!  This fab facedown sent in by the infamous duo Brian Bratton & Max Gerson all the way from Arapahoe Basin, Colorado!

Thanks for playing the FD game boys!!  Can’t wait to see a puppy facedown!! hee hee!

SuperAwesome Gummy Facedown!!

This photo was texted to me by the super awesome Facedown expert – Brooke Fay!  I hope you guys love it as much as I do!!

Sunlight Cafe :: Facedown

On Monday, Kim, Eliza, Heather and I were having breakfast at the sunlight cafe (love that place!) when it struck us — we should do a FACEDOWN!  Hello!!

Kim was the willing (appointed) participant – my favorite part is that you can see the other girls in the background!! hee hee!!

DJ Adam Tiegs :: Facedown!

The other night at an ABC meeting down at the Sanders Mansion in Auburn Laurel, Eliza and I were explaining to everyone how cooooool facedowns are, when from far in the distance we could hear Adam yelling,  “Hey Barbie!! Look at this!!”   ahhahahaha and when we turned around, this is what we saw!!   I’m not gonna lie – I love me a DJ with a sense of humor!! HAHAHAHAH  Thanks Adam!

HERE is a link to Adam’s DJ service website

Hope, Alaska :: Facedown

Um… I don’t know WHAT is going on in this photo – but I like it.  Most of all – I like that my Mom is playing the iLovefacedowns game!! HAHAHAHAHA  She and her good buddy Nina were taking facedown shots all over town…. some of them even too silly to post!  ;0)

Facedown :: Airplane Style!!

I LOVE the  look of this photo – it CRACKS me up!!  Specially knowing Jen (aka J.Mac) and her disgust for all things dirty & germy.  =)

Jennifer MacNiven is one of the worlds best travelers, (and photographers) she has it down to a science and it really made sense that she would send in a photo in the aisle of a plane!

If you want to see more of her beautiful work, HERE is a link to her site.

Facedown :: Wino Style!

While on her latest road trip Carol Harold (the sweetest girl in the WORLD and one of Seattle’s top photographers!) took some time out to do a facedown,

This facedown makes me laugh on SO many levels.  First of all… she is laying on her face and that is silly!  But you can see the orchards and the view in the background… did she have too much do drink, hee hee  – but the BEST of all…. Look at the name on her truck canopy … hahahahahaahha

Engagment Style :: Facedown!

Last week I saw a tweet from Amy Kiel- a weekend full of engagement sessions and some inspiration to make her clients LAUGH. (This clearly meant some facedowns were on their way!!)  She send this in to add to our already stellar collection of RAD facedowns!!  hee hee!!  Thank you Amy for sending this in, and THANK YOU to your clients for playing along!!  If you guys want to see more of Amy’s gorgeous work click HERE.

Facedown :: Eugene Style

These three fabulous facedowns were sent in by Morgan Sipe – (Happy Birthday!!)  all the way from Eugene (pronounced YOU-Gene) Oregon.  I didn’t get any info to the anonymous facedowners, maybe the culprits can leave their name and a little story behind these hilarious water park facedowns.

Thanks girls!!

This just in…. The ladies are, Morgan, Erin & Jen – they took a road trip on Mothers day (fitting because Erin is pregnant!) up to the Bellnap Hotsprings Japanese gardens – near the McKenzie River.