Archive for June 8th, 2010

Facedown :: Nature Style!

Thank you to the super-awesome Amber Binchi for instigating this painful looking nature style facedown!  Since moving to Hawaii Amber has become one of our best submitters! =)  Thanks AB!  Facedown is Cole and enjoying the view is Nick & Andrea, often featured in AB’s photos!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!! HA!

Facedown :: Harbor Steps Style!

Hans is one of my favorite facedowners!!  He is always willing to do a facedown in any given situation – because he knows how much we love it and how much we love to laugh – so thanks Hans!!

(above :: can you find him?? A photo of a photo of a facedown!  hahaha!)

Facedown :: Cartoon Style!

This morning was the PERFECT situation for a facedown!!  While everyone was getting ready for the day Kellyn was dancing around watching some cartoons (SO cute in her little pigtails!) LOVE that she was willing to play along for a laugh.  Just look at this photo!! How could you not love this?!!?

Facedown :: Pikes Place Brewery Style!

Two weeks ago at the Pikes Place Brewery Tuesday Toast (Thank you PPB for hosting our awesome wedding networking event!) a bunch of us were laughing about recent facedowns when it hit us… HELLOOO why don’t we facedown now?!?!  Thankfully Alex Rubin (super cool photog) and Kelsey Hunsinger (the best part of Hotel Andra!) weren’t opposed when asked to lie facedowns in the brewery entrance.  You guys are the BEST!