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Facedown :: Ridiculous OFFICE Style!

I always wondered what it was like to work in an office… and now I know!  Ridiculous!

Organized by the debatably sane but incredibly awesome… my one and only favorite Nicole Marie Beraldi  – architect extraordinaire! She gathered the ladies of Fusion Architecture in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and convinced them (or did they beg?) to lay face down in their office… in allllllllll different rooms.  That’s right – the bathroom too!!

Anyway… check out these office style aka super ridiculous i love them so much style :: FACEDOWNS!

Thanks ladies!!  We can’t wait to see your future posts… can you say Bourbon Street Facedowns?!?! BOOYA!

Facedown :: BUSTED

BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH – My only real reaction when this newspaper clipping arrived in the mail a few short weeks ago!!  Thank you to the notorious Brooke Fay of Lewis County for catching this awesome REAL LIFE Facedown :: BUSTED style!!

Facedown :: Inappropriate Style!!

HAHAHAHAHA – More friends of the infamous facedowner Rebecca Ellison – This time Karine & Shawndelle were in a swimming pool who knows where and talking about who knows what when they thought aloud… “what is the most inappropriate thing we could do right now?? How could we make many… many people feel uncomfortable all at the same time??  (then in unison) FACEDOWN TIME!!!!”

So here you go, pool time facedown!!  Thanks girls for making us laugh… uncomfortably!!

Bookstore Style :: Facedown

In a little town far far away… we’ll call it Portland – lives two friends of Rebecca Ellison (a well known Seattle photographer & facedowner) – these friends, (we’lll call them Josh Twyford & Sarah Teague) spent an evening at the deserted bookstore – Powell Books where they layed facedown.  In the aisle. On a book. A good book I bet.

Thank you FACEBOOK & BECCA for sharing this FD phenom. WE LOVE FD SUBMISSIONS!!! Keep em comin folks!