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A facedown :: PROPOSAL STYLE!!!

Muuuuhahahahahahah!!!!  This series makes me SO happy!!  Photographed by the glamorous Laurel McConnell this cute couple got engaged this week at the Space Needle and were SO excited they had to go FACEDOWN PROPOSAL STYLE!! (i’m so excited, I had to yell it!)

To see more of this proposal…. go and visit Laurel’s Blog HERE

Dirty Dozen :: FACEDOWN!

This awesome dirty dozen image was sent in by the infamous J.Mac (Jennifer MacNiven, photog extraordinaire) her relay team was down to do a FACEDOWN with their metals on their back.  CONGRATS to you racers & thanks for playing our game!!!

Love these Facedowns :: Friends Style!!

The last Tuesday Toast was a FABULOUS one!!  We shared this novel idea… the FACEDOWN PHENOM!  Before I knew what was happening, Chris (from Edit 1 Media) was facedown!! BAM! Just like that!!

Go ahead… put a bunch of us “Giver” Girls together and DARE us not to facedown… it won’t work – we just love it tooooo much!  (HILARIOUS!)

Aaaah yes – some of my favorite facedowners!!  On vacation!!  More like facedowncation! I LOVE IT!  Thanks guys for giving us these awesome backdrops of Jellystone.. I mean Yellowstone!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Then, last but certainly not least, Mary & Aneikha (new facedowners with MANY awesome submissions already!!)  Thanks for playing you guys!!  These photos rock!!

Lulu Style!!

So – you would think with a group of awesome lady photogs that we would have a RAD high quality photo… but my point and shoot… (tear) doesn’t take awesome photos at night. (double boo)

BUT we’ve been talking about this for SO long now – the Ladies of Lulu Weddings … FACEDOWN!

Happy iLovefacedowns FRIDAY!!

Today is iLoveFacedowns Friday & I couldn’t be happier (who isn’t happy on Fridays?!) PLUS we have boatloads of facedowns to post!!  (and many more coming… ehem – Rebecca?? I know there are a few rad ones on your camera!!)

HAHAH this first one made me guffaw!!  HA!  a Kitty facedown – NEVER thought we’d see one of these!!  Thanks to the Pope’s for sending this in!!

After a long day & long into the night of working as a photographer…. this is what happens!  You end up facedown on a rolling cart… exhausted style!!

Ooookay – I have a confession… This wasn’t a REAL submission.  In fact – this was STOLEN off of facebook, by my sister Vera (cause I always throw her under the bus – sorry vera! love you!) from my cousin Clancy’s page!!  BUT – I mean – honestly how could he have taken this awesomely rad photo of a facedown on a HORSE w/o wanting us to steal it??!

The way you can tell these photos are by drunk fellas – it is so obvious isn’t it?! They are blurry!! hahahahah  Yup, taken last weekend at the delicious I’m so sad to have missed it Ballard Sea Food Fest!!  (It is believed that these boys are friends of the exhausted Rebecca Ellison featured above & we REALLY appreciate all of the submissions by them.)

THANK YOU GUYS FOR PLAYING!!  Can’t wait for next Facedown Friday!!!!!

Waiting in line?? :: Facedowns Ferry Style

I believe we’ve seen this dynamic duo before, Miss Sarah Teague & Mister Josh Twyford (yahoo, repeat offenders!) it seems as though they had an amazingly exciting wait in line for the ferry :: FACEDOWN!! =)

Here are two of their shots ::

Ketchikan Style :: FACEDOWN MANIA!

Remember when I told you the city of Ketchikan LOVED facedowns?! Well – here is more proof!

Police Style :: Facedown!

After dropping my sister (mary) & her cute little daughter (aneikha) off at the airport yesterday I received an email with this awesome facedown!

Deep Dish Style :: Chicago Facedown!!

I heart Christopher Smith – and once you meet him, you will too!!

He & Jimmy took a trip to Chicago and while they were there… HAD to facedown!!  I mean, who could resist right!?

Loving all of these travel style facedowns keep em comin!!

(take note of that awesome reflection… in the BEAN!)

QUAD Style :: Facedown!

The part I love MOST about this awesome website is the collaboration!! Its fun to browse sites online and comment but its a whole other world of excitement to be able to participate!! This site is cool – because of YOU!

Thank you to Sheila Hoffman & her husband Spencer Beard for playing along and laying in front of this quad bike – these two love birds ride a tandem bicycle and saw this one and they knew it would be the same length as them lying facedown!!

Can’t wait to see your next facedown!!