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Facedown :: Fuck Yeah!!

Last night was the glamorous JJ’s birthday bash!!  Laurel and I got to hang out with the kickass Kip Beelman most of the night… he CRACKS us up!! MAN!  Anywhoo… he posted some super awesome photos on his Twitter account (see here) and one of them was FACEDOWNS style!!!  BAM!

Check it out ::


While out shooting the Savor Seattle Food Tour Guides portraits – it was a bright and sunny day and so we thought, why not facedown??  Really, why not?!   Well – actually, none of them had even heard of facedowns and I said, “Will one of you lie face down with your nose on the ground and your hands by your side?”  Without even thinking twice – this is what happened.

I couldn’t be happier.    This makes me very happy.    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

Um. I LOVE photographing this group.  They are HILARIOUS and not only do I laugh the ENTIRE hour long session but the entire way home too… They are great!  If you haven’t taken their tour, you should.  Visit the site HERE (savor seattle tours)