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Facedown :: Soulmate Style!!

This facedown CRACKS me up!! To no end… really.

So – while in Roche Harbor (for Caitlin & Dustin’s awesome wedding!)  we were out on a whale watching tour when we decided to facedown, after it was all over with we were walking up the dock and this lovely woman (I’m so sorry, I’ve forgotten your name) comes to me and says, “Can I facedown?? I married my soul mate and we are so happy together, I just want to facedown too!”

THIS MADE SO MUCH SENSE TO ME!!!  So, we just had to do it!!!  I love this cute couple and am so glad to hear they are still in love and will facedown together to show everyone!!!  CUTE!!!

Super Awesome KNOME Style!! (Facedown of course!)

Baaahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahaahahahahah was all I thought when I opened this email last week!!!!

This hilarious knome (named Seamus) loves attending youth football games, and while at a practice last week felt the urge to be facedown – his good friend Christina thankfully was there with her hisptomatic ap and BAM we’ve got this week’s facedown!!  hehahahahahahaha

Thanks for playing along guys!!  Can’t wait to see what else the east coast brings us!!

Facedown :: Ashmore Style!!

Matt was our very first facedown victim… ehem, I mean model!  Introduced to the facedown phenom by Eliza Truitt, but what got this party really started was a trip down to Oregon with Ryan, Beth & Matt where we facedowned at the Cheese factory!! (mmm…. squeaky cheese!)

So, this summer while attending his good pals Kenny & Wendy’s wedding – he HAD to facedown on the dancefloor – and then I have no idea the story behind the beach one, other than we LOVE jumping photos and this is an awesome one followed by a super sweet beach style facedown!!

BAM!  Thanks Matt – you are a rockstar facedowner!!  Gold Star!

Facedown :: Beelman Style!

It must’ve been a gooooood day at Greenlake, because Kip & his über cool wife Sasha were facedowning!!  (totally a word) For those of you who don’t know – Kip is one of Seattle’s funniest people, amazing photographers AAAANNNDDDD one of my new friends!  So I have to assume that his wife (who I’m sure we will all meet soon) is equally as awesome!!  Thanks for facedowning friends!!

Facedown :: CRAVE Style!!

What’s this?!  A mid-week post??  YUUUUUP!!

Last night at the cool cool Crave Party (so all the cool crave girls could get to know each other) the topic of facedowns came up (well… obviously, why wouldn’t it?!) and Nicole just couldn’t help herself!!  She was having so much fun, she just had to go… .well, you know :: FACEDOWN!!

Facedown :: Italian Style!!

This super awesome facedown was sent in by Tim Steffan when he was in Italy!!  No joke!!  This might be the furthest away facedown we’ve ever had!!  Um… my favorite part is the confused folks in the background!!

Thanks for playing Tim!!!

Facedown :: Goodbye Buckeroo Style!!

Well… after 72 glorious years/beers at the Buck – The Buckeroo Tavern is closing.  Since I live  right there… I mean RIGHT there…. we HAD to do a Facedown Buckeroo Style!!   While walking by I saw a nice gentleman, we’ll call him Edward (okay, that is really his name, but I bet he goes by Ed!) he LOVED the idea of facedowns (I could totally tell!)  AND since this is THE LAST DAY the Buckeroo will be open he was awesome and Facedowned Buckeroo Style!!!


Thanks for playing along Ed!  I hope you had a great day at the Buck!!

SO Many Awesome Submissions Style!!!

DUDES!  We have SO many fabulous facedowns this week!!  (happy facedown friday btw!)

Check’em out!!

Oh… and to proove that Alaskan’s love facedowns more than ANYONE else….  7 of the 9 submissions here are from/related to AK and one of them even dropped her camera in the ocean at Buggies Beach!!

Ten minutes before her ceremony, this beautiful bride was playing with the kids and enjoying her day!!  Sweetest facedown yet!

This one has to be one of my favorite facedowns too!!!  Larry Kubley, (owner of the Sourdough Bar in Ketchikan) recently discovered the facedown phenom and HAD to play along!! Thanks Larry!!!

Facedown :: Wedding Day Style!!

It was nearing the end of the night… and we had yet to do a facedown… but when the Colors Ceremony at Roche Harbor was happening seemed like the PERFECT time!!  Caitlin & Dustin has JUST gotten married a few hours earlier and were SO excited – they went FACEDOWN!!

CONGRATULATIONS C & D!!!  It was SO fun spending the weekend with you!!!

Facedown :: Roll down the hill and back… style ??

Sadly, I can’t embed the video on this site… but happily, you can follow THIS link to see Mr. Brandon Banducci roll down this hill again and again right past our awesome facedowner Sarah!!

Thanks for playing along guys!!