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These past few weeks have been CRAZY!!   Specially the Fridays – the past two iLoveFacedowns Friday, I’ve been in the hospital with family members…. everyone is okay – but it has TOTALLY distracted me from posting the things we love most.  FACEDOWNS!!

SO – be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY by a BILLION (okay like 30) Facedowns submissions – the coolest, the silliest, the saddest, the BESTEST!!

One at a time now,


This sad facedown (okay, it isn’t really sad) BUT it could’ve been!!  We started with THREE big balloons, then one popped (ooops!) and one flew away!   BUT even though it could’ve been sad, it still made me laugh!!  Thanks to The GOUGH family for playing along!!  You guys ROCK!

This one by a silly silly princess!!  Miss Addison Cockrum of Ketchikan Alaska is FACEDOWN in who knows where… because last time I checked, there wasn’t any grass in ALASKA!  hahahahah  Thanks girls!!