Facedown :: AFTERLIFE Style!!!

Sunday was a seemingly regular day in my world – hanging out with the glamorous Heather Driscoll, doing a little Wine Tasting when we ran into the super fun Jim & Gayle O’Donnell — which is also a regular occurrence…. but here is where the plot thickens!

Jim was telling us about a book he was reading — Unthinking, by Harry Beckwith.  A marketing book with an AWESOME story inside!!

HERE is a link to the book, but for this blog – I’ll summarize for you ::

Norma Jeane (also known as Marilyn Monroe!) purchased a crypt at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park in LA — while married to Joe DiMaggio, he decided to marry her in death too purchased two plots next to hers – one above her and one adjacent.

As we all know these two didn’t make it — they divorced in 1954, so DiMaggio decided to sell the plots next to Marilyn.  A few years later, she passed and was burried in her LA memorial plot.

This is where it gets good… in 1986 – Posner (the man who purchased the plots from DiMaggio) is on his deathbed says to his wife, “When I croak, if you don’t place me FACEDOWN over Marilyn, I will haunt you for the rest of your life!!”

His wife agrees – but she isn’t happy about it.  She decides to place her plot adjacent to Marilyn up for auction in 2009…. and it sells for $4.6 MILLION DOLLARS!!

YAHOO!!!  So, some lucky bum is spending an eternity FACEDOWN on top of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe!!!

Thank you Jim & Gayle for brightening our day w/ your stories!!!!!

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