FacedownMania :: Family Style!!

Happy iLoveFacedownsFriday!  Let’s CELEBRATE!!

What’s this?!  A wedding day groom…. cheek-down… on the dancefloor?  His Father-in-law looks a little confused.  ;0) LOVE IT!  Thanks for playing

What the HAPPYBIRTHDAYHEATHERFACEDOWN?!?!?!  H.Dizzle and Tooter saw a man playing a recorder out on the streets and they brought their nerdy glasses & mustaches outside to enjoy and went FACEDOWN! ;0)

Thanks for playing the facedown game ladies!!

Check out these two little mini-facedowners!!  On a recent cruise they were so excited to be on a catamaran net they went FACEDOWN!!  Submitted by the über talented Stephanie Wilson – thanks girl!!

Who is this?!  Little Lili Loretta!?!  A re-visit from our VERY FIRST email facedowns submitter!! Thanks girls!!

On STAGE?! At the Beats for Boobs fashion show.  ;0) Awesome!  (taken by Seattle Wedding Photographer Barbie Hull) 

This trio of facedowns were taken at an October Wedding by Barbie Hull Photography & Jennifer McNiven Photography — it was a FACEDOWNS kinda wedding!!

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