Facedowns :: King5 News STYLE!!

Today was an amazing day!!  Our number 1 facedowner – Jennifer MacNiven was interviewed on King 5 News by Meg Coyle (RAD!) and we were so lucky that Kat & Justin Spyer, Laurel McConnell, Vera Hull, Bob Bostwick, Megan Keller, Tonia & Kaia Heffernan & Michael Stokes met us down at the Sculpture Park for a BUNCH of new facedown styles and a few favorites revisited ones too!

Setting up for our first shot on the stairs.   Group Facedown Style! 

Cameraman Ken Style!  (facedowns in the background!) 

Our first attempt at an organized facedown :: TICTACTOE Style!!!!!!!!  Love it!!  (Jen’s idea!!) 

Interview Style!!!  Jen MacNiven & Meg Coyle from King 5 News!

Bob Bostwick :: Scooter Style!!!!!  (it was his idea and was HILARIOUS!) 

One of our all time favorite (even though it breaks the rules) Boyfriend Style!!!  

School Skipping Style!!  (it was for a great cause!!) 

And MEG COYLE STYLE!!!!  (see the “&” sign?? hee hee!) 

NewsTeam Style!!!!!  Way to go Meg & Ken!!

Um… we couldn’t resist….  KEN & BARBIE STYLE!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAPlanking vs Facedowning – LOVE THEM BOTH!~ (as long as they are safe!)

Love & Facedown Style!!!!

I will do this for ICE CREAM STYLE!!!!

Planking on the most painful chairs EVER STYLE!!!

  1. I wish I could have made it down!! Looks A-Mazing!! duh 🙂

    • Nicholle Chandler
    • June 13th, 2011


  2. so excellent – what fun to get this recognition!

    • Jared
    • June 16th, 2011

    They just featured the interview and story on fox 6 news in Milwaukee wi!

    • A
    • June 16th, 2011

    This “Facedown” idea isn’t anything new with it actually being a copycat of the “lying down game” or, “comfortable” the original photo game created 14 years earlier. I like your enthusiasm though

    • WHAAAAAT?!?!? !? That is sooooo cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Its hard to have original ideas these days, but anything that makes us laugh is totally worth the time right??

    • P.S – I’ve heard of the lying down game, but what is the “comfortable” ??

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