I’m not joking.  This is for real – freak out – my favorite facedown EVER.

I want to know.   Who was involved?  How big was the peanut gallery??  How many tries did this take?  THIS IS LIKE FREAKING PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can’t tell – I’m SOOOOOOOOOO excited about this!! !YAHOOOOO!!!

Facedown by :: Jonny Armstrong,   Light writing by Laurel McSUPERRIDICULOUSLYAWESOMEConnell.  IF you don’t know her already… you should!  Here is her rockin website  AND THE photo was taken by the AMAZINGLYTALENTEDSUPERHILARIOUS Andy from Fancy Fin Photography – and this guy…. let me just say, a party isn’t a PARTY w/o Andy (and his super cute wife Rae!)!!   Check out their sweetass website ::

OhMyGosh.  Check it out!

  1. Sweet! Thanks so much for posting this, it was so much fun!

    Answering your questions~

    I think it took around 3 tries to get it right. Atleast that’s what I remember when I was editing them in Lightroom.

    There were like 7 people watching so there was a bit of pressure 🙂

    It ended up taking a 30 second exposure and Laurel writing in the air with a sparkler like a mad woman to get it all written in time. She’s so awesome. Spelled it right and everything!

  2. I only spelled it right 2/3 times. It’s hard to write with imaginary letters because you lose track so easily 😉 And it was pitch black so I was worried about tripping 😉
    Go team!

  3. That is amazing and awesome. I love it!!

  4. This is amazing!!!! Oh, my gosh!

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