Why do we do this you ask??  Well – to laugh of course!  Oh, and… Why not?   SO Facedowns are hilarious – we all know that, but if you want to know the story behind the madness here goes ::

Eliza Truitt (amazing photographer & knower of all cool websites) shared this website called “facedowns.wordpress.com” on twitter one day.  Then I, knowing that all the links that Eliza posts will be cool of course visited the site and proceeded to LMAO (laugh my ass off).  BUT when I tried to explain to people that – “yes, these people just lay down in a photo somewhere random and its funny,” well that just didn’t sound funny.  SO while visiting some good pals Beth & Matt down in Portland I convinced Matt to just lay on the ground – BAM!!!  Everyone saw how funny it could be!!

We immediately started twittering the @facedowns folks – but their blog is their baby (totally get it) so we created this super awesome FANBLOG!!  To show the facedown folks that we love them & appreciate their humor we created ilovefacedowns.wordpress.com and now everyone from all over the world can submit & share in the fun!  (to submit, just email your photos to barbie@barbiehull.com)

A big thank you to those silly facedowns.wordpress.com folks for creating this humor and appreciating our fan blog.

To all of you Facedown Fans – get off your butt and on your face and send in some photos!!  (maybe we will get some international facedowns!!)

P.S – A quick message to all of you who don’t love/appreciate the facedown humor – our humblest apologies, we are not doing this to promote “dead people” nor are we here to offend.  We are simply here to make ourselves and others (but mostly ourselves) laugh.  At no point are any people/animals/food harmed in the making of any of these photos.

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