Facedown :: BUSTED

BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH – My only real reaction when this newspaper clipping arrived in the mail a few short weeks ago!!  Thank you to the notorious Brooke Fay of Lewis County for catching this awesome REAL LIFE Facedown :: BUSTED style!!

Facedown :: Inappropriate Style!!

HAHAHAHAHA – More friends of the infamous facedowner Rebecca Ellison – This time Karine & Shawndelle were in a swimming pool who knows where and talking about who knows what when they thought aloud… “what is the most inappropriate thing we could do right now?? How could we make many… many people feel uncomfortable all at the same time??  (then in unison) FACEDOWN TIME!!!!”

So here you go, pool time facedown!!  Thanks girls for making us laugh… uncomfortably!!

Bookstore Style :: Facedown

In a little town far far away… we’ll call it Portland – lives two friends of Rebecca Ellison (a well known Seattle photographer & facedowner) – these friends, (we’lll call them Josh Twyford & Sarah Teague) spent an evening at the deserted bookstore – Powell Books where they layed facedown.  In the aisle. On a book. A good book I bet.

Thank you FACEBOOK & BECCA for sharing this FD phenom. WE LOVE FD SUBMISSIONS!!! Keep em comin folks!


Doooood!  I am SO excited – you don’t even know.  We are getting rad submissions from ALL over the world – and this time, NOT from one of my very own personal friends… but from friends of friends… people I don’t even know!!!  SO cool!!

So – these super awesome facedowns (or as they referred to them, “downing it up” ) were taken/sent in by Mackenzie Goodman & her pal in both San Diego and Flagstaff AZ – it also sounds like they have some shots of a bride & groom face down in fullllllll wedding garb!  (i really hope we get to see them!)

Facedowns :: Australian Style!!

These photos were taken by Gilbert Q & his brother who turned him onto this rad facedown trend!  Thanks boys for thinking of us on your vaca!!

Facedown :: Nature Style!

Thank you to the super-awesome Amber Binchi for instigating this painful looking nature style facedown!  Since moving to Hawaii Amber has become one of our best submitters! =)  Thanks AB!  Facedown is Cole and enjoying the view is Nick & Andrea, often featured in AB’s photos!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!! HA!

Facedown :: Harbor Steps Style!

Hans is one of my favorite facedowners!!  He is always willing to do a facedown in any given situation – because he knows how much we love it and how much we love to laugh – so thanks Hans!!

(above :: can you find him?? A photo of a photo of a facedown!  hahaha!)

Facedown :: Cartoon Style!

This morning was the PERFECT situation for a facedown!!  While everyone was getting ready for the day Kellyn was dancing around watching some cartoons (SO cute in her little pigtails!) LOVE that she was willing to play along for a laugh.  Just look at this photo!! How could you not love this?!!?

Facedown :: Pikes Place Brewery Style!

Two weeks ago at the Pikes Place Brewery Tuesday Toast (Thank you PPB for hosting our awesome wedding networking event!) a bunch of us were laughing about recent facedowns when it hit us… HELLOOO why don’t we facedown now?!?!  Thankfully Alex Rubin (super cool photog) and Kelsey Hunsinger (the best part of Hotel Andra!) weren’t opposed when asked to lie facedowns in the brewery entrance.  You guys are the BEST!

Facedown :: VEGAS Style Baby!!

These super awesome facedowns were sent in by the infamous Heather Kinney (formerly Mortenson of Ketchikan) living in Vegas it gives her many… many opportunities to participate in this awesome game we are playing, facedown style!  Wootwoot!!

So Heather – thank you for playing and thank you for taking one for the team and laying down on a stripper stage, not to mention risking your life and laying in the street, love it – you are a ROCKSTAR!

(we’re not sure who this guy below is… but he clearly liked Heather’s facedowns and so he wanted to play too… PS, abs guy in the background, we see you… and we like you too! )