Skagway Style Facedowns!!!

Oh.My.Goodness!!!  This week we’ve had 20+ facedown submissions!!!  Seriously, planes – trains & an outhouse!! (you were thinking automobiles huh?!?)

SO – normally I would wait until Friday to to the iLoveFacdedownsFriday post – but since there are SO many we had to do the mid-week post to keep up to date.

This series of SEVEN facdowns came from a TEENY little town in AK called Skagway – I’m SURE you’ve heard of it…. because well, most of you who look here are my pals and I tend to talk a LOT about my favorite state and all of my favorite peeps who live there.  =)

Thank you to Nicholle and her daring brother Matt for playing along – I hear there are more creative facedowns coming… oooooh!!  I can’t wait!!

Until then – here are a few CLASSIC poses. (the best of all being in front of the Liquor Store!!)

Facedown :: Sports Style!!

Today is I LOVE FACEDOWNS FRIDAY!! And it turns out that all Four submissions this week were from sporting events!!

The first one came in alllllll the way from Hawaii’s coolest people & shot in the best bowling alley.  =)  The artist, Amber Binchi choreographed a foreground model, Nick Belanger (look at those guns) and not one but TWO facedowners in the background.  Very creative Mrs. Binchi!

These next two are from our local Safeco Field – after a long night of watching the game from the center field bleachers we were wound up and sillier than ever, what better time to orchestrate a FACEDOWN??!

The first of the two facedown is Ryan Barr, showing Hans how it is done…. classic bench style – I like it!

BUT – round two goes to Hans for sure -an even MORE public FACEDOWN takes the cake!!  (its WAY better when people are walking by wondering, “what the heck!?”)

And in the third series (love this one!) Featuring the lovely Mrs. Wendy Irving of Olympia Washington.  While out fishing with her hubby Trevor, she couldn’t take it anymore – the fish weren’t nearly exciting enough…. so she Facedowned right over the side of the boat!!  Way to go Wendster!!

Mowin the lawn :: FACEDOWN!

Boy oh boy!  I am LOVING all of these rockin submissions!!  Thanks to Justin Martin Lawn Mower Extraoridnaire & Facedown Champion for sending this one in today!!  I super love it!  Just guessing by the background this was taken somewhere near Napavine, WA (but may be corrected at a later date)

Shakespeare Style Submission

This was sent in this afternoon by the crazy world wide traveler Mr. Mikhail Glabets himself!!  We can’t wait to see your series of facedowns in all of your super cool cities!!

Thank you for sending this in Shakespeare style!

Epic IKEA facedown!!

Today’s facedown was HILARIOUS!! Laurel & I were at IKEA and sure enough, we bought WAY too much stuff. (yay for stuff!) SO – I had to ride home on the roof. Well, not really – but we thought it would be the AWESOMEST place for a facedown!

People were laughing so hard in the parking lot – some guy even had to come over and snap his own photo!  (could there be ANOTHER ilovefacedowns fan blog out there???)

Anyway – let us know what you think & better yet… SEND US YOUR PHOTOS!!  We do love to laugh!!

Facedown Submission Time!!

Steuben’s is one of my FAVORITE places in Denver – I was SO excited when I got this super sweet facedown by Lindsey & Brian, thanks guys, you ROCK!

This next photo was sent in by Allison & David – I hear there was a bit of strong arming going on at Pikes Place Market over who got to do the facedown!  hee hee!! Way to be the Facedown winner!!

A facedown in Lanai, Hawaii sent in by Beth Sarvela & the photo was taken by Marla & the facedown is Jim Sarvela!!!!!!  (I originally thought this photo was Matt, but have learned that Jim & Marla are in love with facedowns just like we are!!  I love it – thanks for playing the game guys!!)

SO many new facedowns!!

People in my life are the COOLEST!  Lots of love to everyone for playing along, loving facedowns as much as I do and for coming up with all of these fun ideas!!

This first one is from a day spent with Laurel in Wallingford – we do love our neighborhoods!

This week was Alyssa’s birthday – so what better way to celebrate than with a FACEDOWN!?  Drunken Central Cinema Style??  Thanks to all the girls who were willing to lay on the dirty cement in the pouring rain. TRUE friends & awesome people.  XOXOXO

This next one is Eliza Truitt – we went to lunch with our good pals Kate Baldwin & Melanie Blair in Queen Anne (mmmm…. racha!) and you can’t just TELL someone about a facedown w/o showing them what it looks like!  hee hee!!  E – you are an inspiration!  Thanks to Easy Street Records for lending their parking lot!!

These next two are from a super awesome couple who, during their engagement shoot were willing to play along!  Thanks Roger & Ali you are the BEST!

FIRST SUBMISSION!! Loretta Slide Style!!

Sent from A Loretta this photo is live from Kennedy Park in Miami – YAY!!!  Thank you for being the first AWESOME folks to submit!!

**No babies were harmed in the making of this photo – Lili was a willing and excited part of this hilarious creation**


HAHAHAHAHAHAHH I Love to Laugh!!  When Eliza showed me this hilarious site called we laughed and laughed and laughed… BUT, when I noticed that we couldn’t submit OUR facedowns, I got sad.  So – first we uploaded them to facebook… but we REALLY need to keep them all in one place, so people can always come here for a laugh.

SO.  If you are out and about in Paris, Ketchikan, Playa del Carmen, wherever – and find a GOOD situation for a quality facedown – send it in!  I’ll post it asap and then everyone can laugh with you! (and sometimes at you!)  Email me your facedowns!!  …. barbie (at) barbiehull (dot) com

Below is our favorite Laurel McConnell (aka the queen of silly) and her bathroom companion Christopher Smith – this was right after a big show by the Bearatones. =) People didn’t know WHAT to think!  hee hee

This was one of the first round of facedown trials.  At the Tillamook Airfield.  Love it. Classic.

Facedown Farm Style!  Brooke isn’t worried at ALL about hidden cow pies in this cow field! (love that baby cow!)

I think we lauged SO hard after the first facedown – now Grady loves him some facedown time too!

Another facedown original. Way to go Matt!

This facedown is a standup style… there are many styles of facdown, which is your favorite??

Miss Eliza Truitt goes facedown by LightHouse Coffee – (mmm…. lighthouse!) a biker loves what we’re up to and wants to get in on the action.

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ facedown?? Way to go Becca!!

Facedown Fremont Market Style.  (that’s me!)

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