Facedowns to iLoveFacedowns!! In the flesh!

So there we were, enjoying a fabulous sunny day wedding at the Thornewood Castle when who do I run into… but the one and only Lynn of waitforit….. FACEDOWNS!!!!  You know how silly I am – so of COURSE I made a scene, I think it went like… Lynn says :: “I’m facedowns” and my reaction was to toss my hands in the air and scream “I LOVE FACEDOWNS!” To which Lynn was nice enough to laugh along with me!  hee hee!

So then we had a great time chatting about the news coverage and all of that fun stuff and then we had to part ways with a fabulous facedown :: FAN BLOG STYLE!!!



(some of my favorite images on the facedowns.wordpress.com site are the ones where the people are reeeeeeeeealy little, can you find her??) 


Um… I don’t know what we are doing here really, I just thought it sounded like a great idea at the time… and someone should really tell me that I’m short and should stand up straight! hahhaahah


For those of you who don’t know — this here blog(ilovefacedowns.com) is a fan blog dedicated to the boat loads of laughter that www.facedowns.wordpress.com has created for the better part of a decade!   Thank you guys for starting this awesome fad and having fun with us and our fanblog!! ;0)

P.S – Thank you to Don & Jila for having a gorgeous wedding and introducing us – you are the BEST!!







It was a bright and sunny afternoon…. when Ani Butler called me up to say we should do a Butler Style facedown shoot at Rays Boat House!!   A sunny day on the water??  You don’t have to ask me twice, I hopped right on down there!     In this first magical (highlights style) facedown… there are actually TWO facedowners, can you find them in the shadows??    


To observe the differences of planking and facedowing, here is a boat hoist… (i have no idea what this thing really is) style PLANK!

Seeing as it WAS happy hour, we couldn’t resist doing a full-house waterview Facedown HAPPY HOUR STYLE!!!!  Wootwoot!!  Thanks to Ray’s AWESOME staff for playing our awesome game!!!!  ;0) 

Um, Helllo!!  Ani HAD to take advantage of this dining area that had yet to fill up!!  Planking Dining Room Style!! 

That’s right!!!  We had everyone involved!!!  Planking on a BUSY bar in the MIDDLE OF HAPPY HOUR?!~?!?  TRUE dedication!!  I can only say…. we appreciate your awesomeness!!! 

These poor boys didn’t know what was headed for them!! They thought we were going to just take a nice photo of the Butler Valet Team in their new uniforms… they had another thing coming!!

BUT thankfully – they didn’t protest… or even ask many questions!! hahahaahah  Thank you guys, you are the BEST!!!  (and totally deserve that raise!  hee hee!) 

Planking VALET STYLE!!!!!

Proving this really is a family show, the Butler kids joined us for a family facedown Fish-bike-rack style!!!

This superfun shoot was set up by the beautiful Mrs. Ani Butler!! Thanks Ani – you are a rockstar and this was a GREAT way to spend a Friday Afternoon!!  ;0)  Can’t wait to see your anniversary facedowns from Chelan!! And a double big THANK YOU to Ray’s for joining in on all of the fun and being SO AWESOME!!!!  XOXO






















Facedowns and Planking = So Hot right now!

Ever since…. well… you know – that thing happened, planking and facedowns and craziness… SO HOT RIGHT NOW!  (said in Mugatu’s voice from Zoolander!)

Here are a few posts people have emailed me, with super awesome famous facedowns, or planking scenes.  I hope you enjoy it!

This first football video was sent in by our good pal & Denver Planker – Brian Bratton

And next… sent in by our favorite Insurance Agent – Debbie Sylvester!

Athlete’s Planking!!

This one sent in by our favorite dessert genius Judy Tallant….. not sure of what is going on… but I LOVE it!!

This next one was on the facebook page of  Foundation Crossfit sent in by our good friend Lillian McDevitt!  Thanks Lillian!!!





I’m not joking.  This is for real – freak out – my favorite facedown EVER.

I want to know.   Who was involved?  How big was the peanut gallery??  How many tries did this take?  THIS IS LIKE FREAKING PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can’t tell – I’m SOOOOOOOOOO excited about this!! !YAHOOOOO!!!

Facedown by :: Jonny Armstrong,   Light writing by Laurel McSUPERRIDICULOUSLYAWESOMEConnell.  IF you don’t know her already… you should!  Here is her rockin website www.mcconnellphoto.com  AND THE photo was taken by the AMAZINGLYTALENTEDSUPERHILARIOUS Andy from Fancy Fin Photography – and this guy…. let me just say, a party isn’t a PARTY w/o Andy (and his super cute wife Rae!)!!   Check out their sweetass website :: www.fancyfinphotography.com/

OhMyGosh.  Check it out!


Its Friday and you KNOW this is our FAAAAAAAAVORITE day of the week!!!  Fellow co-conspirer Laurel McConnell and gorgeous facedown supermodel Amy Kiel couldn’t help themselves… it was a romantical sunset down at gasworks park, they had their camera and went… what else?? FACEDOWN-GREAT-DANE-STYLE-BAY-BEE!!

Thanks girls – I gotta say…. I have a lot of favorites, but yours ALWAYS top the list, and Amen to that AMAZING quality!!


This one… I know there is a better story to it…. there must be.

These are the details I’ve got… what do you think??

Whole Foods, Tractor PJ’s, Lucas Mobley, Chris Fitzner, Paul Sauro, Laurel McConnell, 5am, and a MAJOR hangover the next day.

Hmm….. we want to know more and we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that the facedown happened that day!! !BAM!

Thanks Ya’ll!!

Facedowns :: Little A’Le’Inn Style!!

I love creative places!!  Have you ever heard of a small town called Rachel Nevada?!? Well, our longtime & staple submitter of facedowns sure has!!

Mr. Zacharaiah Sarvela facedowned right on an Alien ROCK near area 51, his super-cool pop Erik Sarvela snapped a few photos… I”m sure there are a few REAL aliens peeking around watching and wondering…. “what the heck?!?”

Hee hee!!!  Thanks boys for your always-awesome photos!! Can’t wait to see the next crazy place!!