Facedown :: GREENLAKE Style!!

We Seattleites LOVE walking around lakes… specially Greenlake.  DOUBLE specially on sunny days!!  Look at this superRAD facedown… on iLOVEfacedownsFRIDAY from one of our FAVORITE facedowners JenMacFriggenNiven!!

Submitted by Laurel McConnell — these two had a GREAT time no-doubt walking around the lake in style… facedown style!!

Thanks for playing our game ladies!!

St.Louis is in the Game!! FACEDOWN!!

We’d like to give a big fat welcome to ST.LOUIS!!!!!  Our first St.Louis facedown submission!!

Taken by world famous facedown photographer (or will be now!) Marcie’s Dad – John Reinhardt!

Facedowner :: John’s daughter, the beautiful & talented Marcie Reinhardt!!

Thanks for playing our games!  We can’t wait to see what you do this weekend!!  Happy iLoveFacedownsFriday!!

What the…. Kate McElwee?!?!

I can’t believe it!!  She said it was true and I didn’t believe her.  I know she’s done SEVERAL facedowns… but when searching for then – I cannot find them posted ANYWHERE on this site. Not Cool.

Kate McElwee a KICK ass photographer, super sweet girl and overall really great friend…. NOT ON THE WEBSITE?!?!  I do not believe it.

Here is a ROCKIN photo of one of our VERY favorite weddings… ehem… The McCoy’s by world famous photographer & our favorite curly headed lady Laurel McConnell of the beautiful and multi talented Kate McFriggenAwesomeElwee doing what she does best… entertaining us!

Thanks for playin this facedowns game in this facedown kinda world!

FacedownMania :: Family Style!!

Happy iLoveFacedownsFriday!  Let’s CELEBRATE!!

What’s this?!  A wedding day groom…. cheek-down… on the dancefloor?  His Father-in-law looks a little confused.  ;0) LOVE IT!  Thanks for playing

What the HAPPYBIRTHDAYHEATHERFACEDOWN?!?!?!  H.Dizzle and Tooter saw a man playing a recorder out on the streets and they brought their nerdy glasses & mustaches outside to enjoy and went FACEDOWN! ;0)

Thanks for playing the facedown game ladies!!

Check out these two little mini-facedowners!!  On a recent cruise they were so excited to be on a catamaran net they went FACEDOWN!!  Submitted by the über talented Stephanie Wilson – thanks girl!!

Who is this?!  Little Lili Loretta!?!  A re-visit from our VERY FIRST email facedowns submitter!! Thanks girls!!

On STAGE?! At the Beats for Boobs fashion show.  ;0) Awesome!  (taken by Seattle Wedding Photographer Barbie Hull) 

This trio of facedowns were taken at an October Wedding by Barbie Hull Photography & Jennifer McNiven Photography — it was a FACEDOWNS kinda wedding!!

Loves me some facedowns!!!

Here are some sweet engagement portraits at the iconic Seattle’s Space Needle by the ridiculously talented Photographer Kat Spyer of Persimmon Images…. she posted it on facebook… I hope she doesn’t mind that I grabbed it… so to make it cool, you should “Like” her on facebook!   http://www.facebook.com/persimmonimages

Facedown :: AFTERLIFE Style!!!

Sunday was a seemingly regular day in my world – hanging out with the glamorous Heather Driscoll, doing a little Wine Tasting when we ran into the super fun Jim & Gayle O’Donnell — which is also a regular occurrence…. but here is where the plot thickens!

Jim was telling us about a book he was reading — Unthinking, by Harry Beckwith.  A marketing book with an AWESOME story inside!!

HERE is a link to the book, but for this blog – I’ll summarize for you ::

Norma Jeane (also known as Marilyn Monroe!) purchased a crypt at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park in LA — while married to Joe DiMaggio, he decided to marry her in death too purchased two plots next to hers – one above her and one adjacent.

As we all know these two didn’t make it — they divorced in 1954, so DiMaggio decided to sell the plots next to Marilyn.  A few years later, she passed and was burried in her LA memorial plot.

This is where it gets good… in 1986 – Posner (the man who purchased the plots from DiMaggio) is on his deathbed says to his wife, “When I croak, if you don’t place me FACEDOWN over Marilyn, I will haunt you for the rest of your life!!”

His wife agrees – but she isn’t happy about it.  She decides to place her plot adjacent to Marilyn up for auction in 2009…. and it sells for $4.6 MILLION DOLLARS!!

YAHOO!!!  So, some lucky bum is spending an eternity FACEDOWN on top of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe!!!

Thank you Jim & Gayle for brightening our day w/ your stories!!!!!

Senior Portrait :: FACEDOWN!!

Its that time of year – when High School seniors are getting ready to graduate…applying to colleges, finishing up their last semester and of course getting their Senior Portraits taken!   Mitchell was SO excited about having his portrait taken that in the middle of the UW campus he went FACEDOWN!

Thanks for playing along Mitchell!! I hope you LOVE your photos and good luck at school next year!!!

Photo by Seattle Wedding Photographer, Barbie Hull.

Facedown in photo :: Mitchell, graduating class of 2011


Guess who went to CANADA?!?!  You got it!!  TWO OF OUR most NOTORIOUS facedowners!!!!  Sarah Teague & Josh TWYFORD!!!!

Happy iLoveFacedownFRIDAY!

Hey friends!!  Sorry its been so long in between posts!!  We have a MILLION facedowns on the desktop ANXIOUSLY awaiting a post-date, so lets get it started up in here!!   Its springtime and we are ready to FACEDOWN!

These fabulous four facedowns are sent in by the glamorous J.Mac aka JEN MACFRIGGENNIVEN aka BOMBASSFACEDOWNCHICK aka one of my favorite famous facedowners!!

These were taken in Whistler over J.Mac’s birthday week adventure!

I hope you love/enjoy them as much as I did!!

Facedown :: Valentines STYLE!!

Happy Valentines Day FACEDOWNFRIENDS!!!

Priscilla Rathbone (RAD photog!) created this supersweet FACEDOWN Valentines Day STYLE!!  SO COOL!

Thanks for playing along Priscilla!!  Can’t wait to see your next one!!