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Happy iLoveFacedownFriday!!!

Sent in by my favorite Amy Leigh Lervick of Ketchikan Alaska, two awesome facedowns from this past week ::

Ketchikan Style :: FACEDOWN MANIA!

Remember when I told you the city of Ketchikan LOVED facedowns?! Well – here is more proof!

Ketchikan Style Facedowns!!

The world enjoys Facedowns… who doesn’t really?? Seattle REALLY likes them… but Ketchikan – LOOKOUT!  REALLY LOVES THEM!  While I was there, it was the talk of the town and I have to imagine it is like that all the time.  hee hee!! (Or, maybe it was just me talking – but I hope not)

Facedown :: Cartoon Style!

This morning was the PERFECT situation for a facedown!!  While everyone was getting ready for the day Kellyn was dancing around watching some cartoons (SO cute in her little pigtails!) LOVE that she was willing to play along for a laugh.  Just look at this photo!! How could you not love this?!!?