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Coolest Aunt & Uncle :: FACEDOWN!

LOVE this story!!  A friend of our burning man facedown (Sydnor) – Dana Northey had to go facedown while in Douglas, AZ when she was able to introduce her nice & nephew (ages 18 & 20)  to the iLoveFACEDOWNS Phenom!   Officially making her the COOLEST aunt in the WORLD!

Thanks for playing along and passing awesome traditions onto the next generation!!  ;0)

P.S – we can’t wait to publish some of the Niece & Nephew facedowns… hint hint!!

DAD Style Facedown!!

Its that day of the week again!!  HAAAAAAPPPPPYYYYY iLoveFacedownFriday!!!!

This is a true gift here – My Dad – the funniest man ALIVE.  Well – he disapproves of silly websites such as this one…. waste of time he says… live in the real world, not the online one.  HAHAHAHAHAH Well, guess who recently started TEXTING aaand even better – FACEDOWNING!!!  BAM!   My cool Pops has joined the hip new world of technology, and FACEDOWNS – I mean, how else will you share your hilarity!?!   THIS WEBSITE OF COURSE!!

Thanks Dad!!  This is my favorite one now – cause you are in it!!  ;0)


Doooood!  I am SO excited – you don’t even know.  We are getting rad submissions from ALL over the world – and this time, NOT from one of my very own personal friends… but from friends of friends… people I don’t even know!!!  SO cool!!

So – these super awesome facedowns (or as they referred to them, “downing it up” ) were taken/sent in by Mackenzie Goodman & her pal in both San Diego and Flagstaff AZ – it also sounds like they have some shots of a bride & groom face down in fullllllll wedding garb!  (i really hope we get to see them!)