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Facedown Mania :: Awesome Style!!

Hee hee!! This first facedown was brought to us by Heathoriginal (via Yellow Leaf Cupcakes!) At the end of our photoshoot, we couldn’t help but do a CUPCAKE STYLE facedown!!

This next series is HILARIOUS!!  Cathryn Viola Coats is NINE months prego and was in Seattle JUST in time for her belly shoot – we had to end the day w/ several facedowns, and her hubby-to-be was more than willing to play along.  THANK YOU JASON!! It was fun meeting you!!

ummm… prego facedowns are a no-go…. so she had to go faceup!!

Hee hee hee!!  Ending this series with a submission from twitter friend @SockstarInc her cute little puppy often facedown cuddles!! LOVE IT!

THANK YOU for playing along this week!!  I can’t wait to see next weeks submissions!!  Don’t forget to send them in!!  (email photos to ::

Ketchikan Style :: FACEDOWN MANIA!

Remember when I told you the city of Ketchikan LOVED facedowns?! Well – here is more proof!

Deep Dish Style :: Chicago Facedown!!

I heart Christopher Smith – and once you meet him, you will too!!

He & Jimmy took a trip to Chicago and while they were there… HAD to facedown!!  I mean, who could resist right!?

Loving all of these travel style facedowns keep em comin!!

(take note of that awesome reflection… in the BEAN!)

Facedown :: Coliseum Style

WOW!  Sent to us all the way across the globe  Well – I guess… while in Rome, do as the Romans do – FACEDOWN!!

Thanks to Cole & Rosie for going facedown while on vacation, you girls are the BEST!

Anacortes Style :: FACEDOWN!

Who doesn’t love to laugh??  I’ve gotta say… these facedowns NEVER get old!! AND best of all – its cool to laugh at your own jokes (ie facedowns!)  This one sent in by our north end friends Katrina & Serena – thanks girls for facedowning on the tracks and sharing it!!

SO many new facedowns!!

People in my life are the COOLEST!  Lots of love to everyone for playing along, loving facedowns as much as I do and for coming up with all of these fun ideas!!

This first one is from a day spent with Laurel in Wallingford – we do love our neighborhoods!

This week was Alyssa’s birthday – so what better way to celebrate than with a FACEDOWN!?  Drunken Central Cinema Style??  Thanks to all the girls who were willing to lay on the dirty cement in the pouring rain. TRUE friends & awesome people.  XOXOXO

This next one is Eliza Truitt – we went to lunch with our good pals Kate Baldwin & Melanie Blair in Queen Anne (mmmm…. racha!) and you can’t just TELL someone about a facedown w/o showing them what it looks like!  hee hee!!  E – you are an inspiration!  Thanks to Easy Street Records for lending their parking lot!!

These next two are from a super awesome couple who, during their engagement shoot were willing to play along!  Thanks Roger & Ali you are the BEST!