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Love these Facedowns :: Friends Style!!

The last Tuesday Toast was a FABULOUS one!!  We shared this novel idea… the FACEDOWN PHENOM!  Before I knew what was happening, Chris (from Edit 1 Media) was facedown!! BAM! Just like that!!

Go ahead… put a bunch of us “Giver” Girls together and DARE us not to facedown… it won’t work – we just love it tooooo much!  (HILARIOUS!)

Aaaah yes – some of my favorite facedowners!!  On vacation!!  More like facedowncation! I LOVE IT!  Thanks guys for giving us these awesome backdrops of Jellystone.. I mean Yellowstone!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Then, last but certainly not least, Mary & Aneikha (new facedowners with MANY awesome submissions already!!)  Thanks for playing you guys!!  These photos rock!!

Waiting in line?? :: Facedowns Ferry Style

I believe we’ve seen this dynamic duo before, Miss Sarah Teague & Mister Josh Twyford (yahoo, repeat offenders!) it seems as though they had an amazingly exciting wait in line for the ferry :: FACEDOWN!! =)

Here are two of their shots ::