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Facedowns and Planking = So Hot right now!

Ever since…. well… you know – that thing happened, planking and facedowns and craziness… SO HOT RIGHT NOW!  (said in Mugatu’s voice from Zoolander!)

Here are a few posts people have emailed me, with super awesome famous facedowns, or planking scenes.  I hope you enjoy it!

This first football video was sent in by our good pal & Denver Planker – Brian Bratton

And next… sent in by our favorite Insurance Agent – Debbie Sylvester!

Athlete’s Planking!!

This one sent in by our favorite dessert genius Judy Tallant….. not sure of what is going on… but I LOVE it!!

This next one was on the facebook page of  Foundation Crossfit sent in by our good friend Lillian McDevitt!  Thanks Lillian!!!





You might not recognize these two facedowners…(because their faces are never shown! HAHAHA) but let me tell you, they are two of the BEST!  Traveling from the mountains to the East Coast capturing radtastic facedowns all the way!!  Brian Bratton & Lindsey Saviskey are two daredevilish facedowners – risking harassment from the NYPD & the crazy crowds of TIME SQUARE!!  Thanks for these awesome submissions kids!!  (keep em comin!)

Snow Style :: Facedown!

I love the ones that get sent in from afar…. and the ones with unknowing people in the area crack me up even more!!  This fab facedown sent in by the infamous duo Brian Bratton & Max Gerson all the way from Arapahoe Basin, Colorado!

Thanks for playing the FD game boys!!  Can’t wait to see a puppy facedown!! hee hee!

Facedown Submission Time!!

Steuben’s is one of my FAVORITE places in Denver – I was SO excited when I got this super sweet facedown by Lindsey & Brian, thanks guys, you ROCK!

This next photo was sent in by Allison & David – I hear there was a bit of strong arming going on at Pikes Place Market over who got to do the facedown!  hee hee!! Way to be the Facedown winner!!

A facedown in Lanai, Hawaii sent in by Beth Sarvela & the photo was taken by Marla & the facedown is Jim Sarvela!!!!!!  (I originally thought this photo was Matt, but have learned that Jim & Marla are in love with facedowns just like we are!!  I love it – thanks for playing the game guys!!)