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iLoveFacedowns BRIDAL STYLE!!!

What’s this?!? A bride so HAPPY she went FACEDOWN! ;0)

Glad to hear there are rockin brides out there… ehem JASMINA!! who are cool enough to celebrate with a little FACEDOWN action!!

Congrats to the Bride & Groom!!  A Big THANK YOU to Hildebrand Photography for snappin this rad photo at Matthews Estate & Winery

Facedowns :: Wedding Day Style!!

Today’s photos came in from Diana Red – word on the street is that she & her new hubby are Facedown Fans just like you & me!!  =)  LOVE that they are all dolled up in their wedding garb and facedown formal style, I LOVE this!!

Photographed by Ventrola Photography here are the latest :: Hope you enjoy them as much as I did (it means you scream with excitement and show everyone in the office/room!)

(love that the guests are partaking in the facedown partay!!)