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Welcome Back :: FACEDOWNS FRIDAY!!!

I missed last week – because I was out of town on vacation.  Man I love vacation it just leaves more time for FACEDOWNS!!

We’ve had plenty of submissions and I have to say, I’ve seen lots of facedowns on facebook… that frankly should be posted here too people!!  (get them posted by emailing them to ::

oookay – here are a few for you to enjoy!

The next four facedowns come from the north end… not shoreline, not everett… but MAINLAND ALASKA! That’s right. On our drive from Anchorage to Homer, we stopped several times – sometimes to look at the view, or the moose – but always to facedown!

Above :: Facedown = Ryan Barr (also in photo, Barbie, Jake & Brooke)   Below :: Facedown = Jake Fay

Above Facedown :: Brooke Fay (near some outdoor colorful toilettes?!)    Below Facedown :: Ryan Barr (also in photo Brooke, Mike, Jake, Linda)

Below Facedown by :: Barbie Hull at the Homer viewpoint

This FACEDOWN below was sent in by Cara Bergeron – she lost a game… and had to go facedown.  There was really no other option. =)

SuperAwesome Gummy Facedown!!

This photo was texted to me by the super awesome Facedown expert – Brooke Fay!  I hope you guys love it as much as I do!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHH I Love to Laugh!!  When Eliza showed me this hilarious site called we laughed and laughed and laughed… BUT, when I noticed that we couldn’t submit OUR facedowns, I got sad.  So – first we uploaded them to facebook… but we REALLY need to keep them all in one place, so people can always come here for a laugh.

SO.  If you are out and about in Paris, Ketchikan, Playa del Carmen, wherever – and find a GOOD situation for a quality facedown – send it in!  I’ll post it asap and then everyone can laugh with you! (and sometimes at you!)  Email me your facedowns!!  …. barbie (at) barbiehull (dot) com

Below is our favorite Laurel McConnell (aka the queen of silly) and her bathroom companion Christopher Smith – this was right after a big show by the Bearatones. =) People didn’t know WHAT to think!  hee hee

This was one of the first round of facedown trials.  At the Tillamook Airfield.  Love it. Classic.

Facedown Farm Style!  Brooke isn’t worried at ALL about hidden cow pies in this cow field! (love that baby cow!)

I think we lauged SO hard after the first facedown – now Grady loves him some facedown time too!

Another facedown original. Way to go Matt!

This facedown is a standup style… there are many styles of facdown, which is your favorite??

Miss Eliza Truitt goes facedown by LightHouse Coffee – (mmm…. lighthouse!) a biker loves what we’re up to and wants to get in on the action.

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ facedown?? Way to go Becca!!

Facedown Fremont Market Style.  (that’s me!)