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Happy iLOVEfacedownsFriday!!

This week has been a whirlwind!! We’ve had a million emails, posts facebooks and texts from new and RAD facedowns being posted!!!!  We would love to post them here!!  So email them in!!   barbie(at) and you’ll be posted here!!

This fabulous facedown comes alllllllllll the way from Chicago!! It looks like they are having a summer like us!  hee hee!!  A huge thank you to The POPES, (wicked awesome photographers) Airika and Gerald!  You guys are awesome – my favorite one you’ve sent in was your kitty facedown for SHURE!   (this one is reallly cool too!) ;0)

Thanks for playing along guys!!  Can’t wait to see your next one!!!


Deep Dish Style :: Chicago Facedown!!

I heart Christopher Smith – and once you meet him, you will too!!

He & Jimmy took a trip to Chicago and while they were there… HAD to facedown!!  I mean, who could resist right!?

Loving all of these travel style facedowns keep em comin!!

(take note of that awesome reflection… in the BEAN!)

Shakespeare Style Submission

This was sent in this afternoon by the crazy world wide traveler Mr. Mikhail Glabets himself!!  We can’t wait to see your series of facedowns in all of your super cool cities!!

Thank you for sending this in Shakespeare style!