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Hawaii Style :: FACEDOWNS!!

Check it out yo!!  We’ve got some awesome surfer dude-a-licious facedowns!!  Right off of the Waikiki beach in Honolulu – (not far from the Zoo, and also just up the street from where they filmed 50 First Dates!!)

Thanks to Ashley for sending in these sweeet sweet shots!!  Thanks for facedowning with Aloha!  (can’t wait to see your next round of facedowns!)


Holy COW!  WE have some super cool facedowns to post!!  ARE YOU READY!?!?!

Sent in by Sandra Weimar from a sweet photoshoot in Miami (doesn’t that sun look amazing!!)  Carlos & Stefan (super cool photo assistants!) were SO stoked about the shoot – they had to go ::FACEDOWN!!!



Thanks for playing our facedown game!!  We can’t wait to see your next submission!!!

iLoveFacedowns :: SOCCER STYLE!

This sweet post comes from Matthew & Ian – the best of friends!!  They were out playing with their super awesome Nanny – when (on their own) they decided to play FACEDOWN!!  hahahahaah The randomness of kids – I love it!!  Well – being a stealth photographer Katie (super-awesome-nanny) grabbed her camera and sent it right in!!

Thanks for playing guys – I hope you send in more!!!

Facedowns :: DISNEY STYLE!!

M.I.C – (See you real soon!) K.E.Y – Why??  Because we LOVE FACEDOWNS!!!

Sent in by the lovely Wendy Irving (formerly Barr!) thanks for thinking of the awesomeness of facedowns on your wild Disney Vacation!!!

Coolest Aunt & Uncle :: FACEDOWN!

LOVE this story!!  A friend of our burning man facedown (Sydnor) – Dana Northey had to go facedown while in Douglas, AZ when she was able to introduce her nice & nephew (ages 18 & 20)  to the iLoveFACEDOWNS Phenom!   Officially making her the COOLEST aunt in the WORLD!

Thanks for playing along and passing awesome traditions onto the next generation!!  ;0)

P.S – we can’t wait to publish some of the Niece & Nephew facedowns… hint hint!!

Engagement Style :: Facedowns!

Hey kids!!  Now that wedding season (and Get Hitched Give Hope) is over for the year…. we can get back to focusing on the fun… the FACEDOWNS!  There are a LOT that are in need of posting…. so lets get it started!!

This fun on the dock facedown is taken behind Husky Stadium Jesse & Melanie found this place while tail-gating in college so you can imagine this isn’t the only time they’ve been facedown on this dock.. hee hee!  Featured in this fabulous facedown is none other than Melanie & Jesse!!  Super fans of the facedown – in fact, this shot was taken during their engagement photo session and was all their idea!! (makes it so much better that way!)

I can’t wait for their wedding… they are hilarious and I just know we are going to have SO much fun!  Thanks for playing the facedown game guys!!

DAD Style Facedown!!

Its that day of the week again!!  HAAAAAAPPPPPYYYYY iLoveFacedownFriday!!!!

This is a true gift here – My Dad – the funniest man ALIVE.  Well – he disapproves of silly websites such as this one…. waste of time he says… live in the real world, not the online one.  HAHAHAHAHAH Well, guess who recently started TEXTING aaand even better – FACEDOWNING!!!  BAM!   My cool Pops has joined the hip new world of technology, and FACEDOWNS – I mean, how else will you share your hilarity!?!   THIS WEBSITE OF COURSE!!

Thanks Dad!!  This is my favorite one now – cause you are in it!!  ;0)


Oooooooh Boy!!  I’ve been WAITING alllllll year for this one!!   My super fun friend Syd has been excited about the Burning Man Facedown ever since discovering this fabPhenom of Facedowns.  So cool!!

Thanks for spreading the Facedown Love Syd!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Facedown :: Babysitting Style!!

Now… THIS is the way to babysit!!   I can see it now, “lets play a little game called, I Love Facedowns!! WANT TO!?!? ”   Of course they do – its an AWESOME game!!

Hahahahah Thank you to Kristen and her awesome purple blackberry for taking this sweet sweet photo!!


Facedown :: Travel the WORLD style!!

These next facedowners are people I’ve never met, but hope to someday – because they do cool things…. Like FACEDOWN around the world!!

Chekc it out – we have, China, Germany, Barcelona – LUCKY!!!!!

Keep up the awesome facedowns guys!! THANK YOU!!!!