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Its Saturday…. FACEDOWN!!

Hey now!!  Happy day-after-iLoveFacedownFRIDAY!!!!  Hope you aren’t sick of us yet, because I’ve gotten like 100million new emails of facedowns since the King5 debut!

This fabulous facedown is sent in by my lil’sis Mary, in Vancouver how could you expect anything less than this GIANT TRUCK parked outside your gym??  So, here Mary goes… FACEDOWN, GIANT TRUCK STYLE!!

Thanks for playing the facedown game sister!!

Most Hilarious Babydoll Facedown :: EVER

This CRACKED me up – (more than normal) Aneikha (my cute little 4.5 year old niece) is featured pointing and laughing at her babydoll – who is laying FACEDOWN on the arm of the chair.

Hope this makes you laugh too!