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This one… I know there is a better story to it…. there must be.

These are the details I’ve got… what do you think??

Whole Foods, Tractor PJ’s, Lucas Mobley, Chris Fitzner, Paul Sauro, Laurel McConnell, 5am, and a MAJOR hangover the next day.

Hmm….. we want to know more and we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that the facedown happened that day!! !BAM!

Thanks Ya’ll!!


Oooooooh Boy!!  I’ve been WAITING alllllll year for this one!!   My super fun friend Syd has been excited about the Burning Man Facedown ever since discovering this fabPhenom of Facedowns.  So cool!!

Thanks for spreading the Facedown Love Syd!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Facedown :: CASCADE Style!

These next two were a team effort – Heather Pearce and Phil Campbell – the went ALLLLLLLLL the way to the highest road in Washington State called Slate Peak – JUST to facedown for us!! RAD!!!!!

These two were inspired by our famous facedowner Jen MacNiven (facedown pro!)

Thanks for facedowning guys!!!!

Facedown :: Travel the WORLD style!!

These next facedowners are people I’ve never met, but hope to someday – because they do cool things…. Like FACEDOWN around the world!!

Chekc it out – we have, China, Germany, Barcelona – LUCKY!!!!!

Keep up the awesome facedowns guys!! THANK YOU!!!!

Facedown :: Goodbye Buckeroo Style!!

Well… after 72 glorious years/beers at the Buck – The Buckeroo Tavern is closing.  Since I live  right there… I mean RIGHT there…. we HAD to do a Facedown Buckeroo Style!!   While walking by I saw a nice gentleman, we’ll call him Edward (okay, that is really his name, but I bet he goes by Ed!) he LOVED the idea of facedowns (I could totally tell!)  AND since this is THE LAST DAY the Buckeroo will be open he was awesome and Facedowned Buckeroo Style!!!


Thanks for playing along Ed!  I hope you had a great day at the Buck!!