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Facedowns to iLoveFacedowns!! In the flesh!

So there we were, enjoying a fabulous sunny day wedding at the Thornewood Castle when who do I run into… but the one and only Lynn of waitforit….. FACEDOWNS!!!!  You know how silly I am – so of COURSE I made a scene, I think it went like… Lynn says :: “I’m facedowns” and my reaction was to toss my hands in the air and scream “I LOVE FACEDOWNS!” To which Lynn was nice enough to laugh along with me!  hee hee!

So then we had a great time chatting about the news coverage and all of that fun stuff and then we had to part ways with a fabulous facedown :: FAN BLOG STYLE!!!



(some of my favorite images on the site are the ones where the people are reeeeeeeeealy little, can you find her??) 


Um… I don’t know what we are doing here really, I just thought it sounded like a great idea at the time… and someone should really tell me that I’m short and should stand up straight! hahhaahah


For those of you who don’t know — this here blog( is a fan blog dedicated to the boat loads of laughter that has created for the better part of a decade!   Thank you guys for starting this awesome fad and having fun with us and our fanblog!! ;0)

P.S – Thank you to Don & Jila for having a gorgeous wedding and introducing us – you are the BEST!!

Facedown :: GREENLAKE Style!!

We Seattleites LOVE walking around lakes… specially Greenlake.  DOUBLE specially on sunny days!!  Look at this superRAD facedown… on iLOVEfacedownsFRIDAY from one of our FAVORITE facedowners JenMacFriggenNiven!!

Submitted by Laurel McConnell — these two had a GREAT time no-doubt walking around the lake in style… facedown style!!

Thanks for playing our game ladies!!

Happy iLoveFacedownFRIDAY!

Hey friends!!  Sorry its been so long in between posts!!  We have a MILLION facedowns on the desktop ANXIOUSLY awaiting a post-date, so lets get it started up in here!!   Its springtime and we are ready to FACEDOWN!

These fabulous four facedowns are sent in by the glamorous J.Mac aka JEN MACFRIGGENNIVEN aka BOMBASSFACEDOWNCHICK aka one of my favorite famous facedowners!!

These were taken in Whistler over J.Mac’s birthday week adventure!

I hope you love/enjoy them as much as I did!!

Facedown :: CRAVE Style!!

What’s this?!  A mid-week post??  YUUUUUP!!

Last night at the cool cool Crave Party (so all the cool crave girls could get to know each other) the topic of facedowns came up (well… obviously, why wouldn’t it?!) and Nicole just couldn’t help herself!!  She was having so much fun, she just had to go… .well, you know :: FACEDOWN!!

Skagway Style Facedowns!!!

Oh.My.Goodness!!!  This week we’ve had 20+ facedown submissions!!!  Seriously, planes – trains & an outhouse!! (you were thinking automobiles huh?!?)

SO – normally I would wait until Friday to to the iLoveFacdedownsFriday post – but since there are SO many we had to do the mid-week post to keep up to date.

This series of SEVEN facdowns came from a TEENY little town in AK called Skagway – I’m SURE you’ve heard of it…. because well, most of you who look here are my pals and I tend to talk a LOT about my favorite state and all of my favorite peeps who live there.  =)

Thank you to Nicholle and her daring brother Matt for playing along – I hear there are more creative facedowns coming… oooooh!!  I can’t wait!!

Until then – here are a few CLASSIC poses. (the best of all being in front of the Liquor Store!!)

Facedown Submission Time!!

Steuben’s is one of my FAVORITE places in Denver – I was SO excited when I got this super sweet facedown by Lindsey & Brian, thanks guys, you ROCK!

This next photo was sent in by Allison & David – I hear there was a bit of strong arming going on at Pikes Place Market over who got to do the facedown!  hee hee!! Way to be the Facedown winner!!

A facedown in Lanai, Hawaii sent in by Beth Sarvela & the photo was taken by Marla & the facedown is Jim Sarvela!!!!!!  (I originally thought this photo was Matt, but have learned that Jim & Marla are in love with facedowns just like we are!!  I love it – thanks for playing the game guys!!)