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Facedowns to iLoveFacedowns!! In the flesh!

So there we were, enjoying a fabulous sunny day wedding at the Thornewood Castle when who do I run into… but the one and only Lynn of waitforit….. FACEDOWNS!!!!  You know how silly I am – so of COURSE I made a scene, I think it went like… Lynn says :: “I’m facedowns” and my reaction was to toss my hands in the air and scream “I LOVE FACEDOWNS!” To which Lynn was nice enough to laugh along with me!  hee hee!

So then we had a great time chatting about the news coverage and all of that fun stuff and then we had to part ways with a fabulous facedown :: FAN BLOG STYLE!!!



(some of my favorite images on the site are the ones where the people are reeeeeeeeealy little, can you find her??) 


Um… I don’t know what we are doing here really, I just thought it sounded like a great idea at the time… and someone should really tell me that I’m short and should stand up straight! hahhaahah


For those of you who don’t know — this here blog( is a fan blog dedicated to the boat loads of laughter that has created for the better part of a decade!   Thank you guys for starting this awesome fad and having fun with us and our fanblog!! ;0)

P.S – Thank you to Don & Jila for having a gorgeous wedding and introducing us – you are the BEST!!