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FACEDOWN!!! Brooklyn Bridge Style!

What’s UP Rebecca Ellison?!?! You went to NEW YORK and FACEDDOWN on the BROOKLYN BRIDGE?!?  We could hear the New Yorkers yelling at you all the way to the West Coast!! Badass!!!

Thanks for sharing your awesomeness & playing the iLoveFacedowns game!!  ;0)


Featured in the facedown fashion – Kailen, Becca & Dan! WootWoot!

Happy FacedownFriday BRIDESMAID Style!!

Heeeeeeey friends!!  Last week Michelle & Stefan tied the knot… their girls were Sooooooooooooooooo excited, they went facedown!!

Facedown :: Nicholle, Amanda, Lauren & Hannah  Photo by :: Barbie Hull  Watchers :: GROOMSMEN!!

Creative & Sweet Wedding Day Facedowns!!

Ohmygosh!! While looking through the stack of FACEDOWNS on my computer (there are a LOT!!) I came across this series.  Sent in by the insanely talented and hilariously energetic Laurel McConnell I can’t help but smile when remembering this story!

This is a wedding day creative view of facedowns!!  It was raining and it was their wedding day – so they didn’t want to get their clothes damaged…. totally understandable!!  So, they had this awesome angle to get standing facedowns!!

Way to go guys!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!  Thanks for playing our games!!






Happy iLoveFacedownFRIDAY!

Hey friends!!  Sorry its been so long in between posts!!  We have a MILLION facedowns on the desktop ANXIOUSLY awaiting a post-date, so lets get it started up in here!!   Its springtime and we are ready to FACEDOWN!

These fabulous four facedowns are sent in by the glamorous J.Mac aka JEN MACFRIGGENNIVEN aka BOMBASSFACEDOWNCHICK aka one of my favorite famous facedowners!!

These were taken in Whistler over J.Mac’s birthday week adventure!

I hope you love/enjoy them as much as I did!!

Facedowns WORLD Style

It seems like so long ago that we created this site – and ever since then people have been sharing fun sites that they have started, or news articles covering funny “lying down games”.   I love it and want to share a few with you too!

This Daily Mail article found a girl on Google World lying face down!  She saw the camera and decided to play a prank – one we can all enjoy!  (Read the full article by clicking HERE)

This next article, posted on the Web Urbanist talks about the “Bizzare, lazy, British lying down game!” hee hee – I love this article, because it explains the rules and some of the photos are SO creative!!   {To read the full article, click HERE }

This one was on the Wonder How To blog – shared by one of our favorite facedowners… I love the instructions – the article is hilarious – do read more {here}


A friend on facebook, shared this one with me ::

I thought I would share a word with you that means “face down” in its Latin origins –

cernuous (it is now used in botany and means drooping as a flower, nodding)…..

1645-55) cernuus, meaning falling forwards or face down.

OF course – my inspiration – the reason this blog exists, 3 People, 25 Countries, 0 Faces.

I know there are more… but I just can’t find them in my email. So stay posted for what people around the world are doing!!

Sarvela Style :: FACEDOWNS!!!

Young Mister Sarvela (known to many by Eric) is an avid facedowner!!  To be honest, we wouldn’t be so awesome w/o the rad submissions of the sarvela family…  Jim, Marla, Eric, Beth, Matt… and all of their kids, friends, pets – they are the COOLEST these Sarvelas!!   (also from Alaska… such a great state!)

Check’em out yo!

The Day After!

Super Gasp!!  WE missed iLoveFacedownFriday!!  AND there are so many good ones to post!!  Hopefully you can forgive me….  its just that Get Hitched Give Hope is THIS WEEK!!!!!!!  (only 5 days away!!)

So, we’ll have to do some fun GHGH Style Facedowns for SHURE.

ALLLRIGHT – enough excuses and onto the FUN!   This first one is of Lolo herself!  That’s right – the girl we know and love, Laurel McFriggenConnell!!  Facedown with her awesome yellow bag and purple shoes in front of the Clyde Theatre on Whidbey Island!

We’ll call this one Lolo Style – thanks pal!!