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My dear sweet friend Laurel… FACEDOWN!!

So, I have this friend Laurel.  She is the greatest.  Often the butt of my jokes, (in a goooood way) but today she is the face of ours… the FACEDOWN!!!  YEAH!  She traveled far and wide, from coast to coast actually.  The San Juans (with our good pal Lily) aaaaalllllllll the way over to NYC (where she spoke about bringin the fun at the Blog Her conference in good’ol New York City!!!!)

Anywhoo… I can’t do anything w/o my good pal Lolo – so I’m glad she loves and plays along with this.  I have to say – these are some ROCKIN photos.

Thanks pal!!

(above you will find Laurel McConnell FACEDOWN ON THE SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE STAGE!!!!!!!!!! FREAKOUT!!!!)


Doooood!  I am SO excited – you don’t even know.  We are getting rad submissions from ALL over the world – and this time, NOT from one of my very own personal friends… but from friends of friends… people I don’t even know!!!  SO cool!!

So – these super awesome facedowns (or as they referred to them, “downing it up” ) were taken/sent in by Mackenzie Goodman & her pal in both San Diego and Flagstaff AZ – it also sounds like they have some shots of a bride & groom face down in fullllllll wedding garb!  (i really hope we get to see them!)

Facedown :: Airplane Style!!

I LOVE the  look of this photo – it CRACKS me up!!  Specially knowing Jen (aka J.Mac) and her disgust for all things dirty & germy.  =)

Jennifer MacNiven is one of the worlds best travelers, (and photographers) she has it down to a science and it really made sense that she would send in a photo in the aisle of a plane!

If you want to see more of her beautiful work, HERE is a link to her site.

Facedown :: Wino Style!

While on her latest road trip Carol Harold (the sweetest girl in the WORLD and one of Seattle’s top photographers!) took some time out to do a facedown,

This facedown makes me laugh on SO many levels.  First of all… she is laying on her face and that is silly!  But you can see the orchards and the view in the background… did she have too much do drink, hee hee  – but the BEST of all…. Look at the name on her truck canopy … hahahahahaahha