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Photographers Do it Best :: FACEDOWN Poolside!

Hey ya’ll hope you are enjoying this ROCKIN WEEK OF FACEDOWNS!!!!!!  I mean one every day!?!  I’m freakin out a little bit!!  Ellen is TOTALLY going to have to invite Laurel McConnell, Jennifer MacNiven and me onto her show!! That’s right – I said it!

So, here with us today is none other than John Becker – I can only imagine, that he was hanging out in his awesome backyard that has a POOL! (definitely not seattle!) and thought to himself… I’m going to create the FIRST EVER CLONE FACEDOWN!!!!!  Well – unless he has 7 twin brothers, he has clearly been CLONED!!!

That’s right Ellen – we probably have to invite John on the show too!!  ;0)



John,  Thank you for playing our facedown game!! Your image is awesome and we hope you keep sending them in!!

Facedown :: Inappropriate Style!!

HAHAHAHAHA – More friends of the infamous facedowner Rebecca Ellison – This time Karine & Shawndelle were in a swimming pool who knows where and talking about who knows what when they thought aloud… “what is the most inappropriate thing we could do right now?? How could we make many… many people feel uncomfortable all at the same time??  (then in unison) FACEDOWN TIME!!!!”

So here you go, pool time facedown!!  Thanks girls for making us laugh… uncomfortably!!

Facedown :: VEGAS Style Baby!!

These super awesome facedowns were sent in by the infamous Heather Kinney (formerly Mortenson of Ketchikan) living in Vegas it gives her many… many opportunities to participate in this awesome game we are playing, facedown style!  Wootwoot!!

So Heather – thank you for playing and thank you for taking one for the team and laying down on a stripper stage, not to mention risking your life and laying in the street, love it – you are a ROCKSTAR!

(we’re not sure who this guy below is… but he clearly liked Heather’s facedowns and so he wanted to play too… PS, abs guy in the background, we see you… and we like you too! )