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Calling all awesome iLOVEfacedownFANS!!   One of our MOST notorious facedowners Jen MacNiven has received some newsworthy and much deserved attention for her AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is where you come in.  Ready?  Get your calendar.  Call in sick for work. Drop the kids off with the parents — or better yet, bring’em!  They’ll love it!

Monday morning, June 13th.  11am (not too early)

The Sculpture Park (Western & Broad street downtown Seattle)  MAP

MEG COYLE FROM THE KING 5 NEWS CREW WILL BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!  We want to demonstrate how to do the BEST facedowns.  ;0)  YUP!


So, wether you are an expert facedowner, a newbie or haven’t tried it yet – you should be there!!!!! Oh, and bring everyone you know!  The more the merrier!!!!


Happy Facedowns Friday People!!  Thanks for all of the love and keeping it safe!!!  (planking is dangerous, but facedowning is fun and awesome… like you!)


Here is the shot that brought fame to the J.Mac Facedown PHENOM!!  ;0)  We love you Jen!!  Thanks for facedowning!!  (photo by fabFacddownLady Laurel McConnell I believe… will have to do some fact checking)




Sent in by Jennifer… convincing this handsome gentleman that yes… Facedowns aren’t only awesome… they are sexy too!!!  YUP!  And facedowns on STAIRS are my favorite!! 




The Coolest part of this SAFECO facedown is obviously the hilarious looks by the innocent bystanders!  HAHAHAHA!




Whats up killer view?!?!  I think this is JUST before paragliding off of Cougar Mountain in Bellevue!!  Way to go!!!  Would love to include photos of the sail off the mountain!!



What’s up KAT?!?!  Hey there Miss Persimmon Images… Love this facedown at the Seattle Sculpture Park!  WootWoot! 

Facedown :: Sports Style!!

Today is I LOVE FACEDOWNS FRIDAY!! And it turns out that all Four submissions this week were from sporting events!!

The first one came in alllllll the way from Hawaii’s coolest people & shot in the best bowling alley.  =)  The artist, Amber Binchi choreographed a foreground model, Nick Belanger (look at those guns) and not one but TWO facedowners in the background.  Very creative Mrs. Binchi!

These next two are from our local Safeco Field – after a long night of watching the game from the center field bleachers we were wound up and sillier than ever, what better time to orchestrate a FACEDOWN??!

The first of the two facedown is Ryan Barr, showing Hans how it is done…. classic bench style – I like it!

BUT – round two goes to Hans for sure -an even MORE public FACEDOWN takes the cake!!  (its WAY better when people are walking by wondering, “what the heck!?”)

And in the third series (love this one!) Featuring the lovely Mrs. Wendy Irving of Olympia Washington.  While out fishing with her hubby Trevor, she couldn’t take it anymore – the fish weren’t nearly exciting enough…. so she Facedowned right over the side of the boat!!  Way to go Wendster!!