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Guess who went to CANADA?!?!  You got it!!  TWO OF OUR most NOTORIOUS facedowners!!!!  Sarah Teague & Josh TWYFORD!!!!

So many facedowns… So little time!!

We are getting SO many amazing facedown submission I can hardly keep up!!!  But I’ll keep trying!

Sent in from a new contributor :: Mark, who visited the Hoh rain forest… and gave us a Hoh Facedown!! Thanks Mark!!

Thank you Sarah & Josh – Two of our most frequently awesome contributors!!

More proof that Alaskan’s (specially Ketchikanites) LOVE the facedowns!!

Up in Mount Bachelor the Kids LOVE facedowning!!  (wouldn’t you?!)

BAaahahahahahahahahahah (its all I have to say about this next one!! )

Waiting in line?? :: Facedowns Ferry Style

I believe we’ve seen this dynamic duo before, Miss Sarah Teague & Mister Josh Twyford (yahoo, repeat offenders!) it seems as though they had an amazingly exciting wait in line for the ferry :: FACEDOWN!! =)

Here are two of their shots ::

Bookstore Style :: Facedown

In a little town far far away… we’ll call it Portland – lives two friends of Rebecca Ellison (a well known Seattle photographer & facedowner) – these friends, (we’lll call them Josh Twyford & Sarah Teague) spent an evening at the deserted bookstore – Powell Books where they layed facedown.  In the aisle. On a book. A good book I bet.

Thank you FACEBOOK & BECCA for sharing this FD phenom. WE LOVE FD SUBMISSIONS!!! Keep em comin folks!