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Facedowns :: Little A’Le’Inn Style!!

I love creative places!!  Have you ever heard of a small town called Rachel Nevada?!? Well, our longtime & staple submitter of facedowns sure has!!

Mr. Zacharaiah Sarvela facedowned right on an Alien ROCK near area 51, his super-cool pop Erik Sarvela snapped a few photos… I”m sure there are a few REAL aliens peeking around watching and wondering…. “what the heck?!?”

Hee hee!!!  Thanks boys for your always-awesome photos!! Can’t wait to see the next crazy place!!

Sarvela Style :: FACEDOWNS!!!

Young Mister Sarvela (known to many by Eric) is an avid facedowner!!  To be honest, we wouldn’t be so awesome w/o the rad submissions of the sarvela family…  Jim, Marla, Eric, Beth, Matt… and all of their kids, friends, pets – they are the COOLEST these Sarvelas!!   (also from Alaska… such a great state!)

Check’em out yo!